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Rural Internet Access

Wireless Internet
Business Class Unlimited*
4G LTE Service
Month to Month Contract
8 to 60 Mbps Download**
6 to 20 Mbps Upload**
Unlimited Data Transfer
Price includes all Taxes & Fees
Wireless Internet +
Business Class Unlimited* +
4G LTE – Includes Static IP
Month to Month Contract
8 to 60 Mbps Download**
6 to 20 Mbps – Upload**
Unlimited Data Transfer
Price includes taxes & fees

Welcome to Rural Internet Headquarters!

The place where people that depend on wireless Internet connectivity find the best deals, the right equipment, and help with technology all in one place.

The Best Deals On Unlimited Cell Data

You will notice that we do several things; first off, we try to find the “best deals” on wireless connectivity around.  As most of you know, you can buy wireless plans directly from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or any of the other carriers from their websites, from company retail stores, and third-party franchise stores too.  Where you get the best deal can vary greatly, oftentimes it is through the third-party dealers who negotiate large contracts with the carriers that you will find the best deals in terms of price and plan features.

Discounts & Deals on Cell Data Plans

We, iHQ (Internet Headquarters), are a third-party reseller of all of the carriers.  You will notice that from time-to-time we recommend a certain carrier over another, but that is entirely dependent on what we consider to be the “best deal” at that time.  You will notice this changes periodically, but that’s okay, just keep an eye on it to see if something better comes out.  We will always be putting different plans on our website depending on what we negotiate with the carriers.

Once in a while, you may notice will recommend a more expensive plan, or a plan that may not appear to be the best deal.  However, there are situations where depending on your location, how far away from the wireless towers you are, or a variety of other technical reasons, we may recommend a different plan.  You see… that’s why we’re special.  We will HELP YOU figure out what’s best for your situation.

Finding The Cell Data Plans That Will Be Best For You

We have people that work here that will take the time to figure this out with you.  So feel free to email, call, or whatever, and talk to one of our technicians.  They can even make recommendations on equipment that will make the overall Internet experience better because “the equipment matters”, and we deal extensively in signal boosters, repeaters, better antennas, routers, and much more.

We look forward to hearing from you.

… I am not the biggest computer expert, but your wireless data and equipment package was great!  I did the entire install myself and saved a bundle.  Thanks iHQ!

Basically what we do is kind of simple:  we help people buy Internet access (specializing in rural and hard to get areas) and then couple that with out-of-the-box equipment packages specifically designed to meet their needs.

In other words, you go through the process of figuring out what you need on our site, hit the “buy now” button, and we send it all to you in one box.

When you get it, you open it and follow the instructions.  Obviously, you have to know how to run a screwdriver, not to mention follow instructions, but that’s all it takes.

If you run into problems, give us a call.  We can almost always quickly resolve the issues for you.  If that doesn’t work, we can arrange a local technician to come out and help you (the technician costs extra), or we offer a full money back guarantee!

  • Top Brand Name Carriers
  • Lowest Prices / Most Data
  • Reasonable Contracts
  • Custom Coverage Reseach
  • We Find Right Carrier For Your Area
  • Upgradeable
  • Data Only Plans
  • Perfect for Primary or Backup Internet
  • Full Line of Needed Equipment
  • Gateways, Routers, Firewalls
  • Different Antennas and Signal Boosters
  • Brand Name Equipment
  • Necessary Cables and Wires
  • Delivered in one box
  • Easy To Understand Instructions
  • Last Resort Support Available
  • Special Packages For You
  • RV’s
  • Boats
  • Cars
  • Campsites/Cabins
  • Complete Package For You
  • Save Money By Self Install
  • Different Network Configs
  • Phone Support
  • Coordinated Onsite Help*
  • Warranties
*May result in additional charges