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Delivering The Latest Internet Technology to Rural America

Welcome to iHQ.   That stands for “Internet Headquarters USA”, our company.  We are in the business of selling and servicing quality Internet connectivity plans and the equipment that makes it all work.

… we are so happy, now we can watch Netflix and Amazon Prime from our RV, boat, and cabin.   Thanks iHQ!

With over 20 years of experience in the Internet Service and Networking fields, we have devoted ourselves to the most vexing of Internet problems:  getting quality Internet to the out of the way places in the USA.  This includes small towns, campsites, farm fields, RV parks, National Parks, Lakes and Rivers, and any place that fiber has not reached.

Started as a simple Internet subscription vendor, we have focused on other elements of the “Internet Experience” as well.  This includes offering the latest networking gear, such as routers, switches, wifi hotspots, firewalls, and much more.   We try to put ourselves in your position, and ask ourselves: “how would I set up my boat so that we have great Internet access not only to our cell phones, but to guests’ laptops and tablets.   All of this requires some skill sets that we are more than happy to share with you.  We offer turnkey equipment plans for those that need this type of support.

We invite you to sign up for our blog, so you are kept abreast of new technology as it arises.  If you have any requests or suggestions, we welcome all inquiries.  We look forward to hearing from you.


To bring the best wireless Internet plans to Rural America


To deliver services that are the best in the industry


To make getting online and making things work “Easy”


To constantly bring the latest technology and breakthroughs to the market that our customers will benefit from.


Strenths:  Experience in this industry.  We are a company owned and run by Networking professionals with years of experience in Internet connectivity and the devices and gadgets that make it work well.  Core strengths:  networking, computers, wifi technology.

Skills:  IT networking, IT Security, Wireless Technology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Implementation, Support Services

Meet One Of Our Techs

Fred is one of the lead techs at Internet Headquarters USA (also known as   He has years of experience with networking hardware, geo-location of cellular services, and the usage of specialty antenna and signal boosters to get he most out of any service.

In this video he explains what we do here and how it all works.  This is Fred’s welcome message!


Toll Free 833-947-7767

Bringing the Best Wireless Data and Equipment Straight To You!

These are some of our latest “package” offerings.   We believe that most people can purchase and install the package offerings that we make available on our website with limited technical knowledge.  Our quality instructions make it as easy as possible to set up your home, RV, boat, or other location with any size wireless network.   Here are our latest offerings: