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Cheap Internet

Cheap Internet For People In Rural Areas

Farm Wireless InternetQuestion:  How do I find cheap Internet out in the rural country areas?

As most of us know, the best  cheap Internet is FREE Internet.  Yes, if you’re clever, you may be able to find a hotspot from a friend or neighbor to hop onto, or go to a local coffee shop or library, but who really wants to go that hassle?   Isn’t there something available that is good and cheap when it comes to accessing the Internet?  On top of that , what if you live out in the country, and do not have cable or telephone company options?  And your neighbors don’t have it either?  Well,  you can basically have one of these options at this point:

Cell Phone Data Network

Surprisingly the cell phone networks cover a significant part of America at this point.  If you want “cheap wireless Internet” your best bet is to find an “Unlimited Data” plan if there is one available for your area.  This means that you can watch Netflix, Roku, or Amazon Prime, or whatever else you want to do without overage charges.  People in rural areas doing what most consider “normal activities” such as watching movies, surfing the net, oftentimes spend in the neighborhood of $400+ a month in overages from their cell carriers.  They also have multiple carriers just in case one of them degrades their service for “overusage”!  Yes they do that!  However, if you have the right “Unlimited” plan, your bill should stay to whatever the monthly rate is.  [We offer these here at RuralInternetHQ.Com].

Another big issue to think about is how you service multiple people or devices in a household with one Internet connection cheaply.  The best way to do this is with a router, however, cell phone networks can by and large tell when you are doing this, and it is frowned upon, and those doing it are quickly “throttled” so the connection becomes slow.  This is their form of punishment.  How do you get around this?  The answer is that you purchase a special SIM card you can put in the router that allows the router to connect to the cell network AND offer Internet to anyone in the immediate vicinity via a hotspot.  These plans ARE available and are usually classified as “Business Class” as opposed to consumer accounts.  Having one of these accounts brings down the cost of operation instead of buying five cell data consumer plans (as an example).

So who offers these anymore?  This is a great question, since most carriers have done away with them at this point, however, there are resellers that still offer this.  Do not get discouraged, they are out there.  Right now, ruralinternet headquarters, offers this.   Here is a link to that business service.

Satellite Service

Another option, is satellite service.  There are a few “Internet ONLY” Satellite services available such as WildBlue.  They vary in quality, and availability is sometimes sold out,  but we know people that have these, and they seem happy too.  These also come with overages, so you have to watch your usage.

Other Things To Consider When Looking For Cheap Internet Serivces:

  • Consider getting a signal booster for your site.  Yes, this really works.  Talk to one of our technicians if you have questions about this.
  • Take some time to see what will be involved in getting an external specialty antenna on your home, boat, or RV.  This can make a HUGE difference in terms of quality of signal and overall performance.
  • Do some research on coverage areas as well.  Not all cell phone companies cover the same areas.

All of these considerations can be addressed by RuralInternetHQ.com’s technicians if you call in.   We look forwared to hearing from you.

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